Flavia Palombo wants to take the stage with her made in Naples

Speaking of future perspectives, Flavia Palombo He hopes to arrive far away, to win the attention of an ever wider audience. But remaining obstinately made in Naples. Because she is her, designer of belts, bags and accessories in leather, Neapolitan. And because he knows that the Campania capital "is a city recognized abroad, known for his beauty". That is, an added value within Made in Italy. Palombo, however, when he speaks of local identity does not refer only to the stylistic codes, that is, to the question of the imagination. But also to the material aspects of the product. “I only use Neapolitan leathers, or in any case bells - he continues -, as I only turn to leather workshops in the area ". Of course, his is not an autarchic choice: for the realization of his models he also uses components from other Italian regions. “I reduce the appeal to a minimum of essential to foreign products, especially if Asian - tells us -. Based on the price would be easier, but also counterproductive. Because my point of reference is always there quality”.

Made in Naples

It would be incorrect to say that Flavia Palombo came to found her brand by chance. But it certainly cannot be said that his path has been linear, the usual of those who come from families already in the sector or have trained in fashion schools. “I started out of passion - he says -. My path of study, which led me to the degree in Conservation of cultural heritage, allowed me to make a dream come true. I would have liked to make the theatrical costume designer, but I am in a field where I can express my artistic vein ". Before setting up the company, in 2020, Palombo worked for years as an artisan. “Years in which I participated in the fairs, from Lineapelle to Homi, and frequented places to collect ideas ".

First of all the skin

The skin, bell and quality, is the material that distinguishes the collections of Palombo. This does not mean that the fabrics excluded a priori: "I don't put stakes, I want to feel free - he explains -. For example, I designed a sea line with the same materials that are used for the upholstery nautical". If there is a categorical no, however, it is to the synthetic cheap materials, especially those who imitate the skin. “They cost less and are simpler, but I don't use them. Double belts in skin. I want a product I believe in. " The creation process, in this sense, includes dialogue with leatherers. How do you relate to its suppliers? "I am stubborn On stylistic choices - he replies -, but I listen to the advice on issues techniques. As in any job, you have to know how to be humble. But working with them is an opportunity. We spend a lot of time together, you eat together: often they are family companies, you become intimate ".

From Naples onwards

Flavia Palombo can rely on a space in Pensieroverde, concept store in via Cavallerizza, in the living room of Naples. In autumn the collaboration with Coin He allowed her to land in the Malls of Rome, Milan, Turin and then Padua. “I participated with two corners models dedicated to emerging realities - he says -. It should have been a place to meet and present yourself, but the second wave of Coronavirus He conditioned the activities. In Rome, for example, the shops remained open, but in Milan, where we also started well, we were limited by closures”.

And now?

Of course, launching a new brand in conjunction with a pandemic does not help. "TheCoronavirus does not allow you toprogram. I bought leathers with the idea of ​​making evening bags, but I suspended its production: it doesn't seem to me the time, now that we are closed at home for thesocial distancing". This does not mean that Flavia Palombo has no ideas for the future. What products do you intend to develop in? “I don't want to lose contact with the bags, but I will never abandon thebelt - he replies -. It is an important accessory, which characterizes the outfit. Man? In due course, certainly not on Naples where male fashion is still very traditional ". Covid was an opportunity to investon the portale-commerce: the ideal tool to make themselves known, but also a territory of challenge. “I take care of the contents of the site, I personally answer customers. It is important to transmit the value of my product, together with the passion behind it. But it is not easyexplain there quality - he concludes -. When I receive customers in the shop, I encourage them to try my accessories, not to limit themselves to looking at them in the exam. Online is more difficult. But who buy from me,Then back. And this testifies that I am doing a good job. "

Cit. Roberto Procaccini